The Interior Design for Receptionist Room

Receptionist room should be consider more detail and similar with the lobby room because as we know that lobby room is known as the layout, then the receptionist room is known as the front desk that is used for giving any information that needed by the employees or visitors through the existed receptionist table. The similar design interior between lobby and receptionist room will makes those rooms is connected each other and giving the message to the visitors where do they should take a step right after they entering the office building. ☛ BACA SELANJUTNYA ≫ The Interior Design for Receptionist Room

Director’s Room Interior Style

Director room is the reflection of the entire office because there is the place when the director meets external parties like distributors or to sign contracts with other parties. The director office room will give everyone the first impression about the company’s image because usually whoever parties that will do cooperation with our company go to the director’s office. ☛ BACA SELANJUTNYA ≫ Director’s Room Interior Style