in Kantor

The Physiological Effects of Director Room Interior Design

Interior design of the office especially the director room is not only created in order to make the office building more comfortable to be used and decorate the building to have a brighter look but it also created for build the physiological effect of certain meeting scenarios between the director and its subordinates, guess or partner that happened in the director room instead of the meeting room. That is why we need to placed some seating and tables inside of director room in order to handle the immediate or short meeting between the boss and others.

There are two ways of meeting the director then conduct a small meeting in that room. The first way is sitting face to face and conduct meeting in with director’s table as the barriers between them. This kind of meeting that have a barrier such as tables between both people would makes the higher effect in power pressure or higher authority for the director.

The second way is conduct meeting with seating in the existed sofa that is place not far from the director table. This meeting would not make both people seating in face to face method so that the environment would be different. They would feel more relaxes with cozy and friendly conversation.