in Kantor

The Great Interior Design for Meeting Room

Meeting room is crucial place in creating a discussion, decision and conversation so that the meeting room should be created with formal interior design which is consist of the same level of seating position and oval model of table. That position would makes the discussion more democratic, inspiring new idea to pops up and many other important things in meeting that could be ruin if the meeting places is not conducting an effective place.

The standard equipment that should be existed in the meeting room should be prepared far before the meeting started so that the meeting operational would never been ruined. The standard equipment that should be existed is white board, layer, overhead projector that already set up in the center table or ceiling and book rack to be used as small library in finding any references while needed.

The meeting room should also create and exist in variant type in the office. At least there are two type of meeting room which is available for 2-6 persons and 7-12 persons. It is also important to make a near access of toilet, pantry and office boy right to the meeting room so that the meeting would be successful conducted.