in Kantor

Improving Interior Design for The Staff Room

Commonly interior design for staff room in the office is usually created in tiny and poky area which is unable to serve the great view, enough air to breath, weird shape of working area and hand-me-down chairs in each working boxes. This bored interior design of that common staff room would make the employee unable to work freshly in busy day and always seek refreshment in order to release their mind.

It would be better if we change the existed common interior staff room in wider looks, better air circulation and giving more natural light to the existed staff office so that the employee would feel released and more efficient in working in their job. Those conditions would be able to receive by changing the position of the working boxes with transparent wall and maximize the entering daylight and air circulation.

We could also change the shape of the existed tables for each employee which we could change it with a wider and thinner size of tables that contains of storage locker and above rack so that the employee would be able to worked in a large space of place and would not disturbed by plenty of the assignment paper.