in Kantor

Director’s Room Interior Style

Director room is the reflection of the entire office because there is the place when the director meets external parties like distributors or to sign contracts with other parties. The director office room will give everyone the first impression about the company’s image because usually whoever parties that will do cooperation with our company go to the director’s office.

So, the interior of the director’s office should reflect the company. What means by reflect is give a sort of picture about the company’s business, vision and mission. For example, if the business is about high end electronic gadget, the interiors of the director’s room should contain furniture that has futuristic style because this kind of company will keep doing the improvement of the products using the latest technology.

In choosing the furniture, the interior designer should do a deep study about the company, so that it will give the room big picture about the company. Besides according to the company’s vision, mission and business, the choosing of the director’s room style can also be based on the interior designer’s suggestion. Interior designers have know what is the best style for the room based on the size and the surrounding environment.